Short term stay visa for attending an academic conference and a school trip.



  1. A valid passport with (original plus one photo copy) sufficient space for a visa
  2. A valid Australian visa
  3. Visa application form (PDF format) (Excel format) duly completed and signed by the applicant (*application form sample)
    • You must answer all the questions. If there is nothing to write for a particular question, please write "N one" or "N/A".
    • Russia, CIS countries and Georgia nationals need to submit 2 visa application forms.
  4. One 4.5cm*3.5cm or 2in*2in size passport standard photo attached to the application form.
    • ​​Glue only, please do not staple or tape.
    • White background only
    • It has to be taken within the past 6 months.
    • Russia, CIS countries and Georgia nationals need to submit 2 photos.
  5. A copy of E-ticket or flight details (full flight details from an accredited travel agent or airline.)
    • Complete flight itinerary, starting from and returning to Australia, including any stops in other countries.
      • (e.g. Melbourne-China-Japan-China-Melbourne)
    • Flight itinerary need to include Traveller's name, departure & arrival dates and time.
    • If you do not plan to come back to Australia, all the flights to your home country are required.
    • You do not need to purchase your airline tickets, but we do require a confirmed reservation. We are not responsible for tickets which may be unusable due to the delay or denial of a visa.
  6. Travel schedule including your accommodation and activities (PDF format) (Excel format)(*schedule sample)
    • ​​If you travel with a tour-group, tour confirmation with applicant's name and tour itinerary issued by a tour agent are necessary.
  7. A letter from the home institution (your school) stating the institution's financial responsibility for the expenses incurred during the trip, or a bankstatement which show applicant's travel funds and financial ability.
    • ​The letter must describe purpose of visit and length of stay in Japan.
  8. A letter of invitation or a paid registration form
Please Note:
  • We are not responsible for tickets, which are unusable due to delay or denial of visa.
  • Additional documents may be required if necessary.
  • Please DO NOT staple documents together or use staple.
  • Documents cannot be returned after your submission. Please make copies before you apply if you need original documents.
  • Generally, documents for visa purpose needs to be recent one issued within 3 months. We do not accept documents older than 3 months.
  • Processing time depends on the applicant's circumstances. In most cases, it takes five working days if the documentation is in order.