Frequently Asked Questions



This information is designed as a guide only and does not contain detailed information. If you require further explanation, please contact Japanese Visa Information Hotline:  (+61 AUS) 08 7130 3370 (24 hours/7days, English only). This hotline is designed for visa applicants residing in Australia.

Q. As an Australian citizen with an Australian passport, do I require a tourist visa to enter Japan?
  • A. No. Australians who enter Japan as tourists may stay for up to ninety days as long as they hold an Australian passport which remains valid during their stay and do not receive any income while in Japan.

Q. I would like to work in Japan . How can I get a visa to work in Japan?
  • A. In order to get a visa to work in Japan, you must first find a potential employer who is willing to act as your sponsor and arrange for your Certificate of Eligibility. If you then qualify for a visa, one will be issued by an overseas Japanese diplomatic mission.

Q. Once I am in Japan , can I change my entry status? For example, can I change from a tourist to a work visa?
  • A. No. Once you are in Japan you cannot in principle change your visa. If you want to work in Japan you must obtain a working visa from a Japanese diplomatic mission in Australia or a third country.

Q. Do I need an appointment to lodge my visa application?
  • A. Please apply thourgh the accredited agency in person. We do not accept applications drectly from the applicants except for "Diplomatic visa", "Official visa", or individual situation in need of humanitarian consideration. Applicants reside in remote areas can apply for a visa by mail. Please refer here more details.

Q. When should I apply for a visa?
  • A. Generally, Japanese visa is valid for 3 months after the issue. You may apply on the day of 3 months prior to your entry date of Japan.

Q. Some Asian countries require 6 months passport validity for me to enter. Does it apply to Japan?
  • A. The passport must remain valid during the period of the stay but there is no minimum period of validity required. However, we recommend 6 months validity of your passport to ensure your smooth travel. Some countries require 6 months validity for transit as well.

Q. I live in Adelaide. Can you post back my passport?
  • A. We post back your passport with visa only for the passport holders of visa fee exemption countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Colombia and Pakistan. A self-addressed prepaid A4 envelope (express post is recommended) and "Pledge-apply by post" are to be included as well as other necessary documents.
  • Applicants who is not the country of visa fee exemption countries need to arrange their collection at Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne. The authorised person by applicants can collect their passport on their behalf with the photo ID of the authorised person, the letter of authorisation letter with the signature by the applicants and visa fee if it's necessary.

Q. There is a section asking a guarantor on the visa application form. Do I need one?
  • A. Some nationals with certain conditions may need a guarantor. It is not necessary to have a guarantor unless it is specified on the requirements. Please check the requirements carefully.

Q. There is a section asking "ID No. issued to you by your government"  on the visa application form. Which one is it?
  • A. Some countries issue ID No. to citizen. If you do not have any ID issued by your government, please write 'N/A'.

Q. Do all my family members have to come in person to apply for visa?
  • A. All visa applicants must come in person to apply for visa. As an exception, the family member (NOT friends or agents) can apply for a visa on bahalf of the applicant with the documents showing family such as marriage certificate and birth certificate. In that case the applicant who has NOT appeared yet has to come to collect his/her passport when the assessment is completed.

Q. I have a Japanese visa now. What is the expiry date? Do I need to leave Japan before the expiry date?
  • A. Visa holders must enter Japan on or before the visa expires, or date of expiry. Upon arrival in Japan, the traveler presents the visa in a valid passport or travel document, and, at the officer’ s discretion, the immigration officer will grant or deny the visa holder permission in the form of a status (of residency) with a specific time period the traveler may stay in Japan.
  • In most cases the period of stay granted by the immigration officer will be identical to the length of time designated on the visa “For stay(s) of.”Therefore, the visa expiration date is generally NOT the last day the visa holder may stay in Japan.
  • Notes: 1. The Certificate of Eligibility must also be presented to the immigration officer if the traveler submitted a Certificate of Eligibility with his or her application.
  • Notes: 2. A Certificate of Eligibility loses its validity if not presented to an immigration officer within three months of its issue date. This will always be before the expiry date of the visa.
Q. I have obtained a 15 day visa for Japan, if I arrive on the 1st of March, when should I depart Japan?
  • A. The number of days of your stay in Japan is counted from the first full day following your arrival. For example, if you arrive in Japan on the 1st of March, you begin counting 15 days from the 2nd of March, so your departure date should be no later than the 16th of March.