Working holiday visa


Purpose of working holiday arrangement

The governments of Japan and Australia commenced the Japan-Australia Working Holiday arrangement on the 1st December 1980.
The Working Holiday Programmes are designed to promote international interaction and enhance friendly relationship between Japan and partner countries/regions by providing opportunities for the young people to deepen their understanding about partner countries/regions.
The Working Holiday participants are allowed to work for a certain period of their stay in order to cover the cost of travel funds to travel and stay in partner countries/regions.
This programme is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work. The applicants' primary purpose of stay should be "holiday" in Japan.
So the applicants who intend to work primarily cannot apply for this visa.
And the Working Holiday participants are strictly prohibited from working at places affecting public morals such as bars, cabarets, nightclubs and etc.
Please apply for this visa after understanding the purpose of this programme.


  1. A valid Australian passport (The applicant must be between 18 and 30 (inclusive) years of age).
    • *Applicants must have not previously been to Japan on a Japanese Working Holiday visa.
    • An applicant must be an Australian citizen currently living in Australia. An Australian citizen who is travelling or living overseas cannot apply in a different country. They must come back to Australia to submit their application. Likewise, a passport holder from a different country cannot apply in Australia and must apply in their home country or region. This is a condition of the working holiday visa; see the Ministry of Foreign Affair's working holiday visa page for more details. If you do not have an Australian passport, it is still possible to apply for a work or study visa in Australia using a Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. Visa application form (PDF format) To be fully completed with responses to all the questions and signed. One passport sized photo (taken within 6 months) attached to the application form.
    • *Glue only, please do not staple or tape. Australian standard passport photo is fine as well.
    • Photo requirements
  3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume, including educational background, work experience and other relevant information (written or typed on A4 paper).

  4. An outline of planned activities in Japan (form provided).

  5. A letter explaining the purpose of visit:
    why you wish to travel to Japan as a Working Holiday-maker. (Please include your interests, activities, purpose of your travel, where you plan to go and visit, what you want to do and etc.)

  6. Proof of sufficient funds:
    You are required to provide your most recent formal bank statement showing funds in excess of A$2500 (A$3500 for a married/de facto couple) if you have provided a paid airplane ticket to support your application. The amount needed is A$4000 and A$6500 respectively in the case of only a confirmed booking.
    The proof of funds should be a current bank statement/proof of balance issued within a month recent, with your full name, current VIC,SA and TAS address. Further information regarding source of funds may be required in writing.
    • *A married couple must have no dependants to travel together.
  7. Copy of work contract/offer:
    • If you have a work agreement in Japan, you are required to provide a copy of the contract with your employer.
We assess your application if your purpose of visit is appropriate for the working holiday visa and your travel plan is feasible. Please prepare adequate travel funds; otherwise, organise jobs in Japan in advance.

All requirements must be submitted. This office will not accept application if documents are insufficient. Documents (except for passport) submitted will not be returned. Therefore applicants should have their own flight details for reference.

Before you leave for Japan, purchase insurance with sufficient coverage and services for medical expenses relating to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

For more information and the work conditions under the working holiday visa

  1. Work Conditions
    • The following special conditions must be abided by if you wish to work in Japan on a Working Holiday visa.
      1. To fully appreciate the many different aspects of Japan, it is advised that the working holiday applicant moves to different areas within Japan at approximately 3-months intervals.
      2. Work in nightclubs, bars and cabarets, dance halls, Pachinko bars etc., is not allowed. The Act Controlling Business Affecting Public Morals (Fueiho), Article 2; section 1 and 4, specify these prohibited areas of work.
  2. For Your Information
    • This working holiday visa(not working visa) is a form of long term tourist visa, with the option that you may take up a part-time job in order to help support yourself if you should run out of funds. (Should you wish to work full time in Japan, you are required to apply for an Employment visa.)
    • There is no visa fee charged.
    • Applications for a Working Holiday visa will take one week to process.
    • Further information may be required and some applicants may require an interview, however we will contact you if this is necessary.
    • Working Holiday visas will only be issued to an applicant who has not obtained one previously. A second Working Holiday application will not be accepted.
    • The visa will not be issued urgently. Please apply well in advance of your planned departure.
    • We recommend that you DO NOT purchase an airline ticket in advance in the case that your application is not approved or is delayed.
    • Documents (except for passport) submitted will not be returned. Therefore applicants should have their own flight details for reference.
    • Please DO NOT staple documents together or use staple.
    • Please note that documents may not be photocopied at this office.
    • Once the visa has been issued, it will not be reissued in any circumstances. (e.g. lost / stolen passport)
  3. Residency Card and Extention
    • In case you are permitted to stay in Japan for a mid-to-long-period of time, Resident Card will be issued by an immigration inspector at the arrival of Japan. At Narita and the other three airports, there are special lanes dedicated only to those waiting for their Residence Cards to be issued.
    • For more information; Link to Immigration Bureau of Japan
    • In accordance with the conditions of the Working Holiday scheme, the visa can only be issued as a single entry visa and is valid for an initial stay of 6 months, which will commence from the day of entry into Japan. Applications for extensions of your period of stay can be made at an Immigration Office in Japan, however please note that extensions are granted at the discretion of the Department of Immigration in Japan and that there is no guarantee that an extension will be granted. Please attend to the extension prior to the expiration of your visa.
    • As the Working Holiday visa is for a single entry only, you will have to obtain a “re-entry permit” at your local Department of Immigration offices in Japan if you wish to leave Japan and return to continue your Working Holiday. If you do not obtain a re-entry permit and leave the country, your visa is automatically cancelled.
    • Regional Immigration Bureaus
  4. Working Infrormation