Free health and mental health counselling services to Japanese nationals and their family members

 This service is provided by the medical institution in Melbourne (specified below) to assist Japanese people living in Australia who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free health and mental health counselling services. We hope you will take advantage of this service. The service is coming to an end, so please do not miss this opportunity.
 This is not a substitute for regular medical treatment, but rather provides health advice and support.

1 Health Consultation Service (30 minutes per person per visit)
(1) How to apply
Please contact the following address to request an appointment.
Telephone (direct line in Japanese): 03-8102-5801
You can also make an appointment via HotDoc below.
You can consult online from any computer, smart phone or tablet as long as you have internet access. (No need to install any application)
2 Counselling Service (30 minutes per person, multiple sessions available)
In the first session, you will be asked to make an appointment in the Health Consultation Service slot and the doctor will confirm the details of your consultation. If you or your doctor would like to have counselling during the consultation, a counsellor, psychologist or doctor who specialises in mental health counselling will provide counselling free of charge as many times as you like during the above period.
(Note: If you require further mental health support after this period, you will be responsible for the cost of this service.
3 Issuance of PCR test and negative certificate for travel
Period: until 10 March
(Depending on the rout will include flights departing up to the 13 March)
For further information, please contact:
Telephone number (direct line in Japanese): 0432-881-025
For information on PCR test sites for travel (in each state), please contact us and we will provide you with information and explanations.
4 Who is eligible for this project?
 Japanese nationals and family members of Japanese nationals who are living or temporarily staying in Australia and who meet the following conditions (family members include spouses and children of foreign nationals)
 Those who consent to provide passport information (name, gender, date of birth) to the Consulate-General in Melbourne, and in the case of family members, those who consent to the provision of documents confirming their relationship (e.g. marriage certificate).
 Please note that neither the consultation nor the results of the examination will be provided to the Consulate.
5 On-site Medical Services (South Australia and Tasmania)
(1) How to apply
Please contact the following address to request an appointment.
Telephone number (direct line in Japanese): 03-8102-5801
(2) Adelaide, mid-February (17-19 February, approx. 3 days)
(3) Hobart, early March (about 1 day)
【Medical Institution】
Midtown Medical Clinic 
Ph: (03) 8102 5801

PCR Test and Certificate
Ph: 0432-881-025

Dr Aiko Administration Team
Midtown Medical Clinic Japanese Support
Phone Number 03 8102 5800 (Japanese Direct)
Online booking is available from here