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Short term stay

Nationals From the Countries NOT Listed for visa exemption arrangements (link to MOFA) (Eg. India, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) can apply for a visa for the following reasons:

Click your purpose of visit below to see more details of required documents.

The following nationals* with a short term resident visa (student/bridging) for Australia can apply for a visa for the reasons as above:

Liberia Ruwanda Sierra Leone

* For nationals of those countries with permanent residency or long term business visa for Australia, see "For nationals from countries NOT listed for visa exemption arrangements" for required documents.
(more detail of required documents for the countries listed above)

The following nationals can apply for a visa for the reasons as above:

Afghanistan Angola Armenia Ethiopia Iraq
Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Morocco
Palestine Serbia and Montenegro Sierra Leone Sudan
Syria U.A.E Yemen

For nationals who are not on the above list, please contact the Visa Section for the required documents for applying for a visa. (Eg. Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.)