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Police Certificate   An appointment is required for fingerprinting

  1. Reasons for application

    Police certificates from the Japanese National Police Agency are issued only when required by certain authorities. The certificate is designed for certain purposes such as when requested by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in relation to an application for Australian citizenship, for permanent residency visas or for registration to the Victorian or South Australian Teaching Board. Individuals who wish to apply for a police clearance certificate other than for the above mentioned reasons are asked to contact the Consular section in regards to the correct application procedure.

  2. Requirements (For non-Japanese citizens)
    • Two copies of the application form samplepdf file
    • A 'Completed Fingerprints Form' (This form is available from this office. Fingerprinting can only be conducted at our office. Applications submitted by post or by proxy will not be accepted.).
    • Current passport.
    • A document of proof that shows the necessity of a police certificate (if applicable).
  3. Office Hours

    All applicants requiring fingerprinting must make an appointment by telephone prior to lodging an application.
    9.00AM - 12.30PM, 2.00PM - 4.00PM
    (Monday to Friday except public holidays.)

  4. Processing time

    The processing time usually takes approximately eight to ten weeks.

  5. Fee

    Free of charge.

  6. Postal Application

    Not accepted.
    Applicants must come to our office in person to lodge the application and to take fingerprints.