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Important Notice

Japan Visa Information Hotline

For general visa inquiry, please call 1 800 171 443
(24 hours/ 7days a week, English only)
This hotline is designed for visa applicants residing in Australia.
*The Hotline will not connect you to the Consulate-General's Visa section. If you need to contact Consulate-General in regards to a pending visa application, please contact directly at 03 9679 4510 during office hours.

How to apply for a visa

Visa applications are accepted only from residents in our jurisdiction.
Areas of our jurisdictions are VIC, SA and TAS.

Visa applications must be submitted in person.
However, those who reside in a remote area can apply for a visa by mail.
Applications by mail will be accepted only from TAS, SA and the western area from Ararat, northern area from Strathbogie and eastern area from Mansfield, South Gippsland in VIC.
Our office is not responsible for delay of delivery or loss of passports in the mail. Passport collection needs to be arranged in person after the submission by mail.
In some cases, personal appearance or additional documents may be required.

Only those with long-term resident status in Australia can apply for a visa.
Permanent visa, student visa, temporary graduate visa and etc. We don't accept visa applications from tourist visa holders in general.

Procedure of applying for a visa


General Information

It is recommended to take out an overseas travel insurance.

  • An overseas travel insurance makes you feel secure, even in emergencies, and you can enjoy your trip.
  • Medical expenses can be very high in Japan. If the travel insurance you purchased offers sufficient coverage of treatment costs, you can receive treatment without concern.
  • It is recommended to haven an overseas travel insurace with travel support for hospital referrals, medical interpretation, and cashless medical service.

Normally, a visa can be issued in 5 working days if all the requirements are met.
There are, however, some cases or nationals where referrals to the government office in Japan are necessary. There is NO priority processing service. Therefore, early preparation for visa application is highly recommended. In some cases, it may take around 1-2 months before the result is announced. Visa validity is generally for 3 months after we issue. Application can be lodged within 3 months before your travel.

A visa is not required for Australian passport holders who wish to stay in Japan up to 90 days for the purpose of non-paid activities such as sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, business meetings, amateur participation in athletic meetings, attending a conference, etc.

Generally, a national of a foreign country who wishes to enter Japan must first obtain a visa. Under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act of Japan, it is stipulated that any foreigner wishing to enter or land in Japan must possess a valid passport and a visa obtained from an embassy or consulate. Travelers from certain countries may be eligible to visit Japan without a visa under visa exemption arrangements (MOFA).

No fee is required for Australian citizens. For other nationals, visa fees vary.
We accept only cash. Credit cards and Eftpos are not accepted. Please do not send money in advance with application. Payment for visa fee is accepted at the time of passport collection.

The Consulate General of Japan will not make copies. If you need original documents, please bring the original and one copy.

You should also note that a visa itself does not guarantee landing permission, although it is one condition that applies for landing at an airport or a seaport. You must obtain landing permission during immigration procedures.